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Environments as a Service

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On-demand environments for development, staging and production

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Why Choose Environments
as a Service?

ReleaseHub Environments streamline the development process, with Environments as a Service: fast, shareable, scalable, managed, and easy to reproduce at every step.

The ReleaseHub platform has been great for our developers. It's more stable and much faster than our previous solution. No longer are they losing hours of productivity at a time due to frequent issues of downtime.

Rodrigo Reis • Director Of Engineering

Improve Team Collaboration

Enable your teams to spin up environments on the fly and preview every feature change with a dedicated environment. Remove bottlenecks. Meet your customers' needs faster.

Reduce Costs

Decrease the costs of building and maintaining an environment ecosystem in-house.

Gain a World-Class Developer Experience

Get a big business developer experience with zero investment.

Ship Faster

Speed up development cycles. Test code changes in isolation and ship high-quality code faster.

Empowering Organizations

1 - 20 Engineers

ReleaseHub for Startups

Avoid wasting time in the early days of your startup building out DevOps pipelines.
Free up founders to focus on value-added work.
Be confident your ReleaseHub-powered technology platform will serve your needs today and scale as you grow.
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50+ Engineers

ReleaseHub for Medium-Sized Companies

Optimize your investment in multiple development teams by removing bottlenecks so they can ship faster.
Enhance collaboration between QA, engineering, product, and design teams by enabling them to collaborate on changes within ReleaseHub Ephemeral Environments.
Delight and retain your developers with the industry's best-in-class developer experience powered by ReleaseHub.
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200+ Engineers

ReleaseHub for Enterprises

Deliver a world-class developer platform without investing the required time, energy, and money.
Minimize the costs of keeping the development process efficient with large and complex technology ecosystems.
Enable efficient R&D where developers can self-service infrastructure without relying on DevOps teams.
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Ephemeral Environments

ReleaseHub Ephemeral Environments mimic production environments and are spun up and down on demand.
No waiting in line. No development paralysis. Whatever use case, just click, go, and stay in flow.

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Use Cases & Benefits of Ephemeral Environments

More Use Cases

Sales Demo Environments


On-demand Staging Environments

Running your Production Environments
Deploy Automated Preview Environments
How It Works

Environments as Code

ReleaseHub delivers environments-as-code via our unique Environment Template, a declarative YAML file that informs what we create. Unlike other solutions, we abstract away much of the work required at your end.

As easy as writing a Docker Compose
Support running any custom code you need, including Terraform
Templates can be generated from Docker Compose files on your behalf

Environment Template

Charts & Manifests
Static Frontends

It’s Possible with ReleaseHub

ReleaseHub enables you to integrate everything you need.

Connect and combine your favorite external services into a single environment. Make the most of Releases powerful features, customizations, and extensibility.

Complex environments? Unique requirements? Not a problem. Run any code you wish, including Terraform or CDK, during a create/update/delete workflow
Integrate with existing developer tooling using the ReleaseHub API or CLI
Deploy a complete container environment on cloud-native services, direct from your existing Docker Compose definition
Easily deploy common patterns, such as container microservices or static sites, with just a few lines of YAML
Integrate with existing developer tooling using the ReleaseHub API or CLI

Native AWS

Harness the full power of AWS and spin up native cloud resources like Lambda, Elastic Cache, ECS, Kinesis, and more. ReleaseHub enables you to integrate Terraform, Pulumi, and AWS CDK within your environment creation workflows.

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Large Microservices

Applications can include hundreds of microservices, making developing and testing a challenge. Limited access to an environment that comprehensively reflects what you’ll see in production vastly increases the challenge.

Powered by Kubernetes, ReleaseHub lets you spin any flavor of microservice environment up and down on demand.

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Multi-Repo Apps

ReleaseHub supports monolithic or microservice applications in a single or multi-repository setup. With app-imports, one simple line of YAML can import any repository into any application, so modeling any app structure is easy with ReleaseHub.

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Git-Centric Development Experience

Create and teardown ReleaseHub Environments without ever leaving Git/pull requests.

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Ephemeral environments enable our whole team to do more. It’s a huge boon to have the ReleaseHub support team on hand to guide us and offer advice.

DJ Ambrisco
Principal Software Engineer • Dispatch Health
First-Class Customer Service

Your On-Demand DevOps Support Team

Get first-class support and guidance at every stage of onboarding and developing with ReleaseHub, delivered to you by the people who run it.

Dedicated Slack channel operated by our DevOps team
Access to deep technical solutions and guidance
Jump on a Zoom call to work through difficult issues
Dedicated onboarding and integration engineer

What Our Customers are Saying

Since I switched to ReleaseHub my workflow is much faster and efficient. Highly recommend ReleaseHub for managing your environments.

Jacolon Walker
CEO • Monad

How ReleaseHub was able to easily replicate the complex environments of

Pre-production ephemeral environments and sales demo environments with Simon Data

B2B SaaS On-premise/VPC environments made easy - Monad case study

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